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How to use Arcana Auth in Web3 Apps?

The Arcana Auth is meant for Web3 app developers. It is really simple to integrate an app with the Arcana Auth SDK to quickly onboard users via selected authentication providers and allow authenticated users to sign blockchain transactions.

Just two steps.

That's it!

Step 1: Register & Configure

Log in to the Arcana Developer Dashboard:

Use the Arcana Developer Dashboard to

as per the app use case. Every registered app is assigned a unique Client ID, required during the app integration with the SDK.

See Arcana Developer Dashboard User Guide for details.

Step 2: Integrate App

After registering and configuring your application using the Arcana Developer Dashboard, you need to use the unique Client ID assigned to the registered app and integrate the app with the Arcana Auth SDK. Choose the specific instructions depending on the type of the app such as simple HTML/JS app, React/NextJS app or Vue app, apps using the Wagmi, RainbowKit frameworks, etc.

Once integrated, the Arcana Auth SDK enables the embedded, non-custodial Web3 wallet called the Arcana wallet for every authenticated application user. Users can sign blockchain transactions with the Arcana wallet on any supported blockchain network. The authenticated users can use the wallet to view account balances, switch networks, send tokens, manage NFTs, and other Web3 wallet operations. See the Arcana wallet User Guide for usage details.

Arcana Auth SDK allows developers to either use built-in user login UI offered by the Arcana Auth SDK or they can build customized UI for user login. See the onboarding users guide for details.

Once the user is authenticated, developers can use the standard Ethereum provider interface exposed by the Arcana Auth SDK, AuthProvider to programmatically enable various Web3 wallet functions for the authenticated users. For example, send transactions, get the account balance, sign messages, and more. For details, see the Arcana wallet Developer's Guide.

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