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Welcome to Arcana's documentation. Please visit the Quick Start guide to immediately start using our SDKs and our platform for:

  • User Authentication and assigning public/private key pairs to your app's users
  • Allowing your app's users to upload encrypted files to the Arcana storage network
  • Enabling your users to share their files with other users via public keys
  • Allowing only valid recipients to download and decrypt files shared with them

This is a very early, ALPHA release of the Arcana Platform and we acknowledge that large parts of our documentation, code and SDKs are extremely raw but we really wanted a way for developers to start experiencing the possibilities and help us improve our offering.

If you find bugs, have questions or want to share feedback please visit:

Disclaimer: This is a very early, ALPHA version of Arcana. Please do not use/upload sensitive credentials/data. Especially avoid uploading data that has no backup.