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Usage Guide

Authentication & Arcana Web3 wallet


  1. Installation
  2. Quick Start with ethers.js
  3. Quick Start with web3.js
  4. Usage


NPM/Yarn Install

npm install --save @arcana/auth
yarn add @arcana/auth

CDN Install

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

Quick Start with ethers.js

import { AuthProvider } from '@arcana/auth'
import { ethers } from 'ethers'

// clientId: Arcana Unique App Identifier via Dashboard
const auth = new AuthProvider(`${clientId}`) 

window.onload = async () => {
  try {
    await auth.init()

    const arcanaProvider = await auth.connect()
    const provider = new ethers.providers.Web3Provider(arcanaProvider)

    await provider.getBlockNumber()
    // 14983200
  } catch (e) {
    // log error

Quick Start with web3.js

import { AuthProvider } from '@arcana/auth'
import Web3 from 'web3'

// clientId: Arcana Unique App Identifier via Dashboard
const auth = new AuthProvider(`${clientId}`)

window.onload = async () => {
  try {
    await auth.init()

    const arcanaProvider = await auth.connect()
    const provider = new Web3(arcanaProvider)

    await provider.getBlockNumber()
  } catch (e) {
    // log error



Import AuthProvider

const { AuthProvider } = window.arcana.auth // From CDN
// or
import { AuthProvider } from '@arcana/auth' // From npm

Initialize AuthProvider

import { AuthProvider } from '@arcana/auth'

const auth = new AuthProvider(`${clientId}`, {
  position: 'left', // default - right
  theme: 'light', // default - dark
  alwaysVisible: false, // default - true
  setWindowProvider: true, // default - false
  connectOptions: {
    compact: true, // default - false

await auth.init()

See Get Started with Auth SDK for more Auth SDK usage insights.

Auth APIs

Plug and Play Authentication

const provider = await auth.connect()

Custom Login

Social login

// loginType - Google, Discord, Twitter, GitHub, Twitch
const provider = await auth.loginWithSocial(`${loginType}`)

Passwordless login via an email verification OTP

await auth.loginWithLink(`${email}`)


loginWithLink is deprecated.

Use loginWithOTPStart, loginWithOTPComplete for passwordless login with OTP. The OTP will be received via email supplied in loginWithOTPStart call.

Passwordless login via OTP

try {
const loginState = await auth.loginWithOTPStart("");
await loginState.begin()
if(loginState.isCompleteRequired) {
  // App is using default app-specific keys
  // App must ask the user to input a 6-digit code received in mail
  var userInput = prompt("Please enter a 6-digit code:", "111111");

  // Validate if the input is a 6-digit code
  if (userInput !== null && 
      userInput.length === 6 && 
      !isNaN(userInput)) {
    const complete = await auth.loginWithOTPComplete(
      onMFARequired() => {
      //Hide overlay, if used in the app
  } else {
    console.log("Invalid input. Please enter a valid 6-digit code.");
} else {
  // App is using global keys, built-in OTP input UI is displayed by the SDK
  // App is not required to add code for OTP input
} catch (e) {

Check if a user is logged in

const isloggedIn = await auth.isLoggedIn() // boolean

Check and reconnect, if required, within a 30-minute window after logout.

const canReconnect = await auth.canReconnect()
// auth.reconnect() should be on a click event since it opens a new tab
await auth.reconnect()

Get user information

const info = await auth.getUser()

interface UserInfo {
  id: string
  email?: string
  name?: string
  picture?: string
  address: string
  publicKey: string

Show wallet UI



await auth.logout()

Get Public Key

Get the public key associated with an email.

await auth.getPublicKey(`${email}`)


ECIES Encryption

The wallet uses ECIES to decrypt cipher text, so a complementary encryption method has to be used from package eth-crypto.

import EthCrypto from 'eth-crypto'

const encrypted = await EthCrypto.encryptWithPublicKey(
  'bf1cc3154424dc22191941d9f4f50b063a2b663a2337e5548abea633c1d06ece...', // publicKey
  'foobar' // message

Arcana Wallet Operations

Arcana wallet is an embedded Web3 wallet offered via the Auth SDK. It uses Ethereum JSON-RPC to interact with the blockchains.

JSON RPC Support

Arcana wallet implements the following common interfaces exposed by all Ethereum clients:

Switching Chains


This method is specified by EIP-3085.

try {
  await provider.request({
    method: 'wallet_addEthereumChain',
    params: [{
      chainId: '0xABCDEF',
      chainName: 'My Custom Chain',
      rpcUrls: ['...']
} catch(error) {

interface AddEthereumChainParameter {
  chainId: string; // A 0x-prefixed hexadecimal string
  chainName: string;
  nativeCurrency: {
    name: string;
    symbol: string; // 2-6 characters long
    decimals: 18;
  rpcUrls: string[];
  blockExplorerUrls?: string[];


This method is specified by EIP-3326.

try {
  await provider.request({
    method: 'wallet_switchEthereumChain',
    params: [{ chainId: '0xf00' }],
} catch(error) {

interface SwitchEthereumChainParameter {
  chainId: string; // A 0x-prefixed hexadecimal string

If the error code (error.code) is 4902, then the requested chain has not been added, and you have to request to add it via wallet_addEthereumChain.


This method is specified by EIP-747

await provider.request({
  method: 'wallet_watchAsset',
  params: {
    type: 'ERC20',
    options: {
      address: '0xB983E01458529665007fF7E0CDdeCDB74B967Eb6',
      symbol: 'FOO',
      decimals: 18,
      image: '',

Check out Auth SDK Reference Guide for details.

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