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Auth Errors

If you integrate a Web3 app with the Arcana Auth SDK, you might encounter some of the following errors depending on user actions, app logic, and the sequence of Arcana Auth SDK function calls.

For more insights, refer to the Arcana Auth SDK troubleshooting guide.

Error Messages

Error Description
wallet_not_initialized Wallet is not initialized. Please run await wallet.init() before calling any other wallet functions.
user_not_logged_in User is not logged in. First, trigger user login and after successful authentication, you can use wallet functions.

Passwordless Authentication Errors

Error Description
authorize_params_missing Missing one or more required params.
login_token_already_used Login token is invalid or has already been used.
login_token_not_found Login token not found in query params.
login_token_invalid Login token is invalid.
user_token_not_found User token not found in header or query.
user_token_invalid User token is invalid.

Last update: March 15, 2024 by shaloo