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Dashboard Usage Errors

The Arcana Developer Dashboard is used to register the Web3 app, configure SDK usage before integrating with the Arcana SDKs.

This guide lists common dashboard usage errors and potential causes.

Error Messages

Error Description
Login providers are disabled as you have chosen Global keys. Developers are not required to specify social login provider configuration if global keyspace option is selected.
Error occurred while saving keyspace. Try again or contact support! When switching between keyspace type there was some error in saving the current settings.
Error occurred while submitting the form. Try again or contact support! Check the various form input fields and ensure all required fields are filled in appropriately.
Error occurred while saving the IAM auth credentials. Error while saving the configuration settings for social auth configuration such as Cognito or Firebase.
Error occurred while saving the social auth. Check social login provider settings. There may be an issue between dashboard and the backend while saving those settings.
Error occurred while saving the wallet configurations. There may be some issue in saving the settings from the dashboard to the backend.
Unable to delete the app at the moment. Please try again or contact support. The dashboard is not able to get a confirmation of app settings deletion from the backend.
Error occurred while creating mainnet app. The dashboard is not able to communicate with the backend and get a success status for app creation request.
No Card Added. For billing, user must add payment details. After free MAU are exhausted, billing will resume on a monthly basis.
Unable to copy. Please try again or contact support. Issue with the redirect UI setting in the dashboard. Either the setting was not provided or failed to be saved in app settings due to a backend issue.
Can't delete Default chain. Chains that are pre-configured in the wallet cannot be deleted. New supported chains can be added and set as default. While deleting a default some error occurred while saving the settings at the backend.

Last update: March 15, 2024 by shaloo