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Wallet UI Errors

The Arcana wallet users may encounter the following run-time errors when using the wallet to sign blockchain transactions or while using other wallet UI features such as adding or switching networks, setting up enhanced security via MFA, etc.

Error Messages

Error Description
W-101: RPC URL is already specified in profile. Cannot add this RPC URL more than once.
W-102: Chain Id already exists in profile. Cannot add same chain ID more than once.
W-103: This network is currently active. Select a different to make it active. You may be trying to switch to a network which is already selected as the active network. Try again.
W-104: Enter the pin to continue. For enhanced security via MFA, you need to enter the pin to authorize access.
Wallet address copied. The wallet address is copied successfully to the clipboard.
W-105: Please enter a valid wallet address. Check the specified wallet address for the blockchain transaction.
Answer all the questions to recover the key. You must answer at least 3 security questions correctly in order to authorize access.
Each questions must be unique! You cannot specify the same security question more than once during MFA setup or recovery.
W-106: Please provide the gas fee. You have not specified the required gas fees for this transaction.
W-107: Insufficient balance to pay for the gas fee. Top up your account to pay for the gas fee, otherwise the transaction will fail due to insufficient balance.
W-108: Cannot estimate gas fee. Please try again later. For some unknown reason, we are not able to estimate the gas fees for this transaction. The network may not be responding or loaded so try again after some time.
W-109: Gas limit cannot be set to a value less than the required gas fee for this transaction. You have set up a gas limit which is insufficient to cover the gas fees for this transaction, change the gas limit.
W-110: Enter all the details to continue. You need to provide all the required details before this transaction can occur.
Token Added successfully. -
Token already added. This token is already available in the wallet, you cannot add it more than once.
Token belongs to Ethereum Mainnet. This token is not available on the current selected network but on the Mainnet, try switching network.
Token sent successfully. -
W-111: Insufficient balance for specified transfer amount. The account balance is insufficient for this transaction. Try topping up the balance before performing this transaction.
W-112: Amount cannot be greater than the maximum available balance. The amount of tokens specified should be less than or equal to the balance available in the current account.
NFT Added. -
NFT already added. This NFT is already added to the wallet, cannot add an NFT more than once.
W-112: Unsupported NFT. The wallet supports only these NFT types: ERC-721, ERC-1155.
W-113: You don't have ownership for this NFT. Cannot add NFT to the current wallet as this wallet address does not own the specified NFT.
NFT Deleted. -
W-114: Insufficient NFTs. At most, you can send NFTs. The quantity of NFTs specified in the transaction is more than available NFTs, fix and resubmit the transaction.
W-116: Error creating NFT. Please try again. -
W-115: Invalid contract address. -
MFA setup completed. -
W-116: Incorrect answers. MFA recovery answers are not correct, recovery failed.
W-117: Incorrect pin. MFA recovery failed due to incorrect pin.
W-118: Please fill in all the questionnaires. -
W-119: Questions cannot be repeated. -
W-120: Questions cannot be empty. -
W-121: User cancelled the setup. MFA setup was cancelled by the user, no enhanced security is set up for this account.
W-122: Incorrect combination of chain Id and RPC URL. Check RPC URL does not match with the specified chain Id.
W-123: Invalid RPC URL! Check the RPC URL and provide the correct one for the blockchain.
W-124: Failed to copy. Could not copy the selected item in the wallet UI.
W-125: Failed to copy wallet address. The wallet address could not be copied to the local clipboard.
W-126: Failed to get balance. Could not retrieve the balance for the current wallet address. It could be an intermittent error due to network issues.
W-148: No valid wallet is associated for the given address. The specified address does not belong to a valid wallet.
W-127: Invalid token Id. Check the token Id specified while manually adding a token asset through the wallet UI.
W-128: Error occurred while setting up MFA. Please try again! Retry MFA Setup.
W-129: Please enter a valid quantity. Check the number of tokens specified in the transaction. It should be less than or equal to the balance available.
W-130: Please make the request again. For some unknown reason the request failed, try again.
W-131: Something went wrong, please try again. Unknown error, try again.
W-132: Please fill all values! All input values must be specified, they are not optional in this case.
W-133: Failed to initialize one or more on-ramps. Transak encountered an error while initializing the on-ramp provider, try again.
W-134: Could not get token. Login failure as the token is not available.
W-135: Failed to initialize SCW. Failed to initialize smart contract wallet account associated with the current wallet EOA address.
W-136: Failed to add to activities list. Due to some unknown reason, the activity tab was not updated for this current transaction.
W-137: Could not verify credentials. Passwordless login failed as the OTP/email link credentials could not be verified successfully.
W-138: Could not contact parent page causing login failure. Retry login. Redirect to the specified URL failed causing a failed login. Check auth settings.
W-139: Could not log in, an unexpected error occurred. Login failed unexpectedly, try again and report error if it persists.
W-140: Local or session storage doesn't work, falling back to in-memory storage. There is some unknown issue in the local or session storage of the browser, falling back to in-memory storage. Your changes may not be saved across browser sessions.
W-141: Required params missing. Token validation error, expected input parameters are missing.
W-142: Token already added. The token already exists in the wallet, cannot be added more than once.
W-143: Token belongs to Ethereum Mainnet. You can use the Mainnet Token only when using the Mainnet App Client ID. Check the integration code.
W-144: Invalid contract address. The specified contract address for the transaction is invalid, check again.
W-145: You do not own this token. Token can be added to the wallet or transacted only if it is owned by the wallet address.
W-146: Invalid token. Invalid JWT Token specified for accessing keys.
W-147: Failed to fetch details. Token validation failed as details could not be fetched and verified.

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