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Application Usage Metrics

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Arcana Developer Dashboard displays the aggregate value of Monthly Active Users (MAU) for the Arcana Mainnet. The aggregate value includes MAU for all the applications that are registered against a developer's Arcana account.

The aggregate usage metrics are displayed in the Manage Apps Screen. The per-application metrics are displayed on the Application Dashboard screen.

Manage Apps Screen:

  • Aggregate Monthly Active Users (Mainnet)
  • Number of free MAU (Mainnet)
  • Number of paid MAU (Mainnet)
Per App Usage Usage Metrics
Per App Usage Metrics

Application Dashboard:

  • Testnet: Daily MAU, Monthly MAU
  • Mainnet: Daily MAU, Monthly MAU
Testnet/Mainnet Usage Metrics
Testnet/Mainnet Usage Metrics

Mainnet Usage

The number of logged-in users is tracked separately for the 'Testnet' and 'Mainnet' application profiles. Arcana Testnet usage is not billed.

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