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Arcana Developer Dashboard

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Access the Arcana Developer Dashboard at:

The Arcana Developer Dashboard lets you register apps with Arcana and tailor them to your use cases and user onboarding preferences. It works alongside the Arcana Gateway for app configuration and usage tracking. The dashboard provides insights, such as monthly and daily active users (MAU) per app.


Before integrating any application with the Arcana Auth SDK, it must be registered and configured for user onboarding through the Arcana Developer Dashboard.

Key Functions

Register App

Before integrating the Arcana Auth SDK, developers must use the dashboard to register apps with Arcana and get a unique Client ID. Later, during integration, use Client ID to create a new AuthProvider instance for onboarding users and signing blockchain transactions.

Configure Auth Usage

Use the dashboard to customize Arcana Auth SDK usage:

  • Wallet UI: select built-in Arcana Auth SDK UI or custom wallet UI
  • Branding: customize the look and feel of the Arcana Auth SDK UI
  • Authentication: enable authentication providers for onboarding users
  • Chain Management: add more chains to the default pre-configured list of supported chains
  • Global/App-Specific Keys: select if app users see same wallet address across all apps deployed on Arcana ecosystem or app-specific unique addresses
  • Gasless: enable gasless transactions for app users
Developer Dashboard Developer Dashboard
Developer Dashboard

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