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Arcana JWT Token

Upon successful authentication, Arcana Auth SDK returns a unique JWT token to the app. This token is generated upon successful authentication via any of the supported methods of the AuthProvider:

  • Plug-and-play login connect()
  • Custom login UI methods such as loginWithSocial(), loginWithLink() (deprecated), loginWithOTPStart,loginWithOTPComplete and loginWithBearer()

Developers can use getUser() method to access the JWT token via the UserInfo return value. This token expires after 3 minutes. The app developer must first verify the token returned by Arcana and then post-verification, create newer app-specific JWT token, if required, and use them for subsequent calls.

/* Make sure
   1. AuthProvider is created and initialized via .init() call
   2. User is onboarded via plug and play login UI .connect() call 
      with custom login UI loginWithSocial, loginWithLink (deprecated), `loginWithOTPStart` and `loginWithOTPComplete`, loginWithBearer calls
try {
  const userInfo = await auth.getUser();
  const jwtToken = userInfo.loginToken;
  console.log("Arcana JWT Token: ", jwtToken);
} catch (e) {

User validation

Note that the Arcana Auth SDK uses the JWT token returned by the social login provider, after user authentication, to verify the user internally before creating its own Arcana JWT token and returning it to the app.

Last update: April 11, 2024 by shaloo, shaloo