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Arcana Protocol

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The Arcana Auth protocol is built and operates using the Proof of Stake Polygon chain.

It is deployed in the form of two networks:

  • Arcana Testnet
  • Arcana Mainnet

Mainnet Roadmap

The Arcana Auth Mainnet was released in January 2023 with the Arcana Auth SDK release v1.0.0.

The following services are active on Testnet as well as the Mainnet

  • Configuring Arcana SDK usage with Arcana Developer Dashboard
  • User onboarding, gasless transactions through the Arcana Auth SDK v1.0.11
  • Gasless Transactions (Third-party wallets) via the Arcana Gasless (Standalone) SDK v0.0.37\
  • Asynchronous Distributed Key Generation that powers the Arcana Auth SDK and helps onboard users to Web3

We are actively working towards adding newer features and capabilities. For details, check out the coming soon section.

Infrastructure Providers

AWS light AWS Dark

Protocol Audit

At Arcana, we take the security and privacy of applications seriously and believe in transparency. To eliminate any security vulnerabilities in Arcana Smart Contracts and the ADKG module, we put it under the rigorous vetting process and cybersecurity tests conducted by Certik. The audit is complete and you can refer to the reports for details.

Network Nodes

Network Metrics Beta Mainnet
# Protocol Nodes 7 21
# Distributed Key Generator Nodes 3 7 (4 operated by Arcana, 3 by trusted partners)

ADKG Subsystem

Arcana has come a long way since the alpha release of SDKs. Those offered a distributed DKG subsystem to securely generate key shares. It had some shortcomings regarding trusted dealer, robustness of the subsystem, key share generation efficiency and protection from malicious entities, etc. Those have been resolved in the latest state-of-the-art asynchronous distributed key generation algorithm that is now part of the Arcana protocol.

This new, improved ADKG powers the latest release of the Arcana SDKs. We have collaborated with some of the leading cryptography experts and researchers to fold recent advances in asynchronous DKG technology in Arcana Auth. Refer to the Arcana Technical Whitepaper for more details on ADKG.


The Arcana ADKG subsystem is implemented using multiple nodes and some of the nodes are operated by trusted Arcana partners or validators. We are working towards complete decentralization of all aspects of the Arcana protocol in the upcoming releases.

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