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Export Private Key

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Security Risk

Exporting a private key from the Arcana wallet is risky as it exposes user keys. Do not share private keys with anyone, including anyone from the Arcana Network team.

While exporting keys using the Arcana wallet UI, make sure no one else can see or capture a screenshot while you retrieve your private key.


  • To use the Arcana wallet UI for exporting the key, users must log in to a Web3 app that is integrated with the Arcana Auth SDK.

  • Depending on the type of blockchain signing experience set up by the app developer, the Arcana wallet may appear only when a blockchain transaction is triggered, or it may be visible at all times once the user logs in. Upon login, the wallet is displayed in its minimized state. Click the wallet to view it in a maximized state in order to export the key via the 'Profile' tab.


Click the Profile tab. Under the 'Private Key' section, you will see the Export Key option.

Export Private Key
Export Private Key

When a user selects Export Key, you will see the following confirmation screen:

Confirm Key Export
Confirm Key Export

If the user chooses to Proceed, two options are available to export the key. Users can either copy or download the private key from the wallet.

Copy or Download Key
Copy or Download Key

Security and Privacy

The user's private keys are visible only to the authenticated user via the Arcana wallet UI, on demand. It cannot be accessed by the app developer. Arcana Network does not store any keys. The key shares are generated by the distributed key generation subsystem in the Arcana Network and the user's private key is assembled using these key shares on the user's device locally. If MFA is enabled then a local component is also required to generate the key using a subset of key shares. See user key privacy to learn more on how Arcana Auth SDK secures the user's key and access to key shares.

Once a user's key is exported via the Arcana wallet UI, keeping the private key safe is the responsibility of the user.

That is all!

You are all set to use the exported private keys.

What's Next?

Authenticated users can use the Arcana wallet to sign blockchain transactions, send and receive native, ERC20, or custom tokens, and more.

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