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Arcana Auth: Release Notes

Release Date: Feb 5, 2024

Version: v1.0.9

In addition to the Arcana Auth SDK, now we also provide Arcana Auth-Core SDK for greater flexibility in using authentication features and custom wallet UI support.

What is New?

New iconNew icon

This is a major release that supports non-EVM blockchains (Solana). New product features include a brand new SDK that offers maximum customization. Also, there are some enhancements related to security besides bug fixes.

What has changed?

Global Keys

There are no usage changes for applications that use app-specific keys (default).

If the app developer selects global keys while configuring the app via the Arcana Developer Dashboard, the social auth settings for enabling the social login providers are no longer required.

Apps can choose to enable global keys on the Testnet as well as the Mainnet.

New User Orientation

Earlier, when a user logged into the Web3 app integrated with the Arcana Auth SDK, the new user would instantly see the Arcana wallet in the app context. Now, a new orientation wizard pops up for the very first user login. Newcomers to Web3 or those unfamiliar with wallets can find value in the orientation wizard. Upon logging into the app, users can opt to skip it or swiftly get familiar with the layout of Arcana wallet, understanding where specific information is located.

Wallet Starter Tips
Wallet Starter Tips

Get Started

Ready to dive in?

See Arcana Auth Quick Start Guides in the Getting Started section.

Check out the sample dApp integration examples for various dApp types, wallet connectors and frameworks.

Previous Releases

Using an older version of the Arcana Auth SDK?

Refer to the release notes archive and Migration Guides. Upgrade to the latest version.


Refer to the Arcana Auth FAQ, Troubleshooting Guide, and other developer resources, or contact Arcana Support.

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