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Release Notes Arcana Auth (Mainnet)

Version: v1.0.3

Release Date: March 8th, 2023

This release of the Arcana Auth product consists of the following components:

New Product Features

Social Provider: AWS Cognito

Arcana Auth now allows Web3 apps to configure AWS Cognito as the social provider for user authentication. See how to onboard users via Cognito for details.

New API: showWallet()

Developers can use the newly added showWallet() function in the Arcana Auth SDK to display the in-built Arcana wallet UI. The showWallet() function can be called in the application context after the AuthProvider is created and initialized using the init function. Once the app is deployed and the user logs in, the showWallet function call displays the wallet UI. For details, see Arcana Wallet Developer's Guide.

Product Enhancements

Better Login Performance

The Arcana Auth SDK has been updated for better login performance powered by an improved ADKG subsystem.

Bug Fixes

Wallet UI Display on Mobile

In the earlier releases, the built-in Arcana wallet UI did not utilize the entire mobile screen width. This has been fixed now.

Get Started

Ready to dive in?

See Arcana Auth Quick Start Guide and the how-to guides for details.

Check out the sample dApp integration example for apps using React , Next.js , and Vue frameworks.

Migrate to v1.0.3

Are you using an older version of the Arcana Auth? Use the Migration Guides and upgrade to the latest version.


Refer to the Arcana Auth FAQ, Troubleshooting Guide, or contact Arcana Support.

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