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Migration Guides

We recommend that you use the most recent Arcana Auth SDK. Use the appropriate migration guide to learn how to migrate to the latest version.

Auth SDK vOct12-23-gasless -> v1.0.9

Auth SDK v1.0.8 -> vOct12-23-gasless

Auth SDK v1.0.7 -> v1.0.8

Auth SDK v1.0.6 -> v1.0.7

Auth SDK v1.0.5 -> v1.0.6

Auth SDK v1.0.4 -> v1.0.5

Auth SDK v1.0.3 -> v1.0.4

Auth SDK v1.0.2 -> v1.0.3

Auth SDK v1.0.1 -> v1.0.2

Auth SDK v1.0.0 -> v1.0.1

Auth SDK v0.3.0 -> v1.0.0

Auth SDK v0.2.x -> v0.3.0

Last update: February 1, 2024 by shaloo, shalz