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Using Solana


Is Solana the only non-EVM chain supported by the Arcana Auth product?


Refer to the list of supported chains - EVM and non-EVM for details.

Can a developer choose to use some EVM-compatible chains along with Solana in an app?

No. Either EVM-compatible chain type or Solana (non-EVM-compatible chain type) chains can be used at a time in an app. When a user logs into an app that is enabled for Solana the keys (wallet address) are different from the one assigned to the same user when EVM-compatible chain is selected.


Why are the Solana keys different from EVM-compatible chains?

The cryptographic keys used by Solana are based on ED 25519 curve. This is different from the secp256k1 curve used for EVM-compatible chains.

Last update: March 15, 2024 by shaloo, shaloo