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Arcana Gasless: Release Notes

Release Date: March 28, 2024

Gasless SDK Version: v0.0.35

This SDK extends the gasless transaction feature offered by the Arcana Auth SDK for Arcana wallet to third-party browser-based wallets. This standalone SDK does not depend on the Arcana Auth SDK.

Use the Arcana Developer Dashboard to configure gas tanks, deposit funds, and whitelist app operations before integrating with the SDK.

What is New?

This release of Arcana Gasless (Standalone) SDK uses the latest version of third-party gasless provider (Biconomy v4).

What has changed?

No usage changes in the gasless SDK.

Get Started

Ready to dive in?

See Arcana Gasless (Standalone) SDK Quick Start Guide to learn more. Check out the integration examples for code samples.

Previous Releases

See Release Archives


Refer to the Arcana Gasless FAQ, Troubleshooting Guide, and other developer resources, or contact Arcana Support.

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