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Migrating to vOct12-23-gasless

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This guide is meant for developers who have already integrated apps with v1.0.11 of the Arcana Auth SDK and deploy them using Arcana Testnet or Mainnet.

If you are new to Arcana Network, please visit Arcana Auth Quick Start Guide to get started.

Backward Compatibility

The latest release of the Arcana Auth product does not require any upgrades to the Arcana Auth SDK v1.0.11.

Same Wallet Address

Apps using Arcana Auth v1.0.11 should see no change in the user wallet address irrespective of whether they continue to use the previous version on the upgrade to the latest product release vOct12-23-gasless. This is true for all types of apps and supported frameworks, including those using global or app-specific keys.

New Release: What has Changed?

There is no change in the Arcana Auth SDK usage or functionality, and no need to upgrade the SDK or change any integration code.

With the latest release, developers can now choose to use the gasless feature or not. There is no usage change if the gasless feature is not used.

Gasless Feature

Gasless apps will not require users to pay any gas fees for any of the whitelisted blockchain operations. Besides zero gas fees, the app users will see a change in their wallet address when the gasless feature is enabled for an app.

Earlier, there was only a single EoA wallet address associated with each authenticated app user. Apps with gasless feature will require to configure gas tank for one or more blockchain networks. For such apps the app user account will be associated with two types of wallet addresses: an EoA address and a SCW address. By default, all gasless transactions happen via the SCW account. Users can switch between EoA and SCW accounts using the wallet UI. For details, see Arcana Auth vOct12-23-gasless release notes.

How to Migrate to vOct12-23-gasless?

Apps using older versions of the Arcana Auth SDK prior to v1.0.11 must refer to the migration guides and upgrade to the latest release.

Apps using v1.0.11 do not need to upgrade the Arcana Auth SDK. There is no change required if apps do not wish to use the gasless feature.

To enable gasless transactions, use the Arcana Developer Dashboard to:

  • Configure Gas Tanks on one or more supported blockchain networks.
  • Add sufficient funds to the gas tank.
  • Whitelist contract functions - only whitelisted operations are gasless, others need to pay gas fees.


  1. There is no need to change any integration code or Client ID in the app.

  2. Redeployment of app is not required to enable gasless transactions after configuring the gas tanks via the dashboard.

  3. Make sure before issuing the gasless blockchain operations in the app that the blockchain network is the same as the one where gas tank is set up. Also, make sure the SCW wallet address is used for the blockchain transaction. There are two addresses associated with the gasless user accounts - EoA and SCW. Only SCW transactions qualify as gasless. See gasless FAQ for more usage insights.

Release Details

See Arcana Auth vOct12-23-gasless release notes for details.

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