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Gasless Transactions

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Only for Third-party wallets

The Arcana Gasless (Standalone) SDK is meant for use only in case where an app requires to enable gasless transactions in third-party browser based wallets. To enable gasless transactions in the Arcana wallet, you must install and integrate with the Arcana Auth SDK and use its built-in gasless feature.


Add Gasless Transactions

After initializing the Arcana Gasless (Standalone) SDK, you can perform transactions using the doTx() method.

  const erc20abi = [...];
  let amount = 0.1;

  const erc20Address = "0x2d7aC0907961c7.......45f981Ed8373b5dF86";
  const toAddress = "0x723455665060698....87689dA78E25";
  const Erc20Interface = new ethers.utils.Interface(erc20abi);

  const encodedData = Erc20Interface.encodeFunctionData("transfer", [
    ethers.utils.parseEther(amount + ""),

  // You need to create transaction objects of the following interface
  const tx1 = {
    from: scw.getSCWAddress(),
    to: erc20Address, // destination smart contract address
    data: encodedData,

  // Check balance
  // Use scw.getPaymaster() to check whether gas tanks are adequately funded

  console.log("Paymaster Balance: " + (await scw.getPaymasterBalance()) / 1e18);
  if (await scw.getPaymasterBalance()/1e18) > 0 {
    let tx = await scw.doTx(tx1);
    await tx.wait();
    console.log(`Transfer done ${tx.userOpHash}`)
  } else {
    console.log("Insufficient funds in the gas tank.")

What's Next?

After adding code for gasless transactions with the help of the Arcana Gasless (Standalone) SDK, you are ready to deploy the app on the Testnet. Learn more...

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