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Integrating Web3 Apps

How can developers enable the Arcana Auth features in their Web3 applications?

Simply integrate the Web3 app with the Arcana Auth SDK. It requires developers to configure Arcana Auth SDK usage settings using the Arcana Developer Dashboard before actually integrating the application.

How can developers enable Arcana wallet in the context of their Web3 applications?

First, register the app and configure the app settings using the Arcana Developer Dashboard. Use the unique Client ID assigned by Arcana Network to integrate the app with the Arcana Auth SDK. Add code in the app to use the Arcana Auth SDK functions and onboard users. The authenticated users can instantly access the Arcana wallet in the app context and sign blockchain transactions. Developers can control the user experience for signing blockchain transactions with the appropriate wallet visibility settings. The wallet can be displayed for the authenticated users in the app context always or the app can be configured to display blockchain transaction request notifications for approval by the user only when a transaction is triggered. Developers can display wallet as per the application logic using the showWallet() function.

Application Frameworks

Does the Arcana Auth SDK support Web3 application frameworks such as React, NextJS, Vue?

Yes. You can integrate the Arcana Auth SDK with any vanilla HTML/CSS/JS app or an app that uses React, NextJS, and Vue frameworks. See how to integrate app with the Arcana Auth SDK.

Wallet Connectors

If an application uses wallet connector frameworks such as Wagmi, RainbowKit, or Web3-React, can the Arcana wallet be plugged into those wallet connectors?


  • Applications using Wagmi, RainbowKit must install and integrate with the auth, auth-wagmi packages.
  • ApplicationsWeb3-React framework can install and integrate with the auth, auth-web3-react packages.

As part of the integration, these applications can enable the Arcana wallet as one of the wallet choices for the app users in addition to the built-in wallets available in the wallet connect frameworks.

For step-by-step integration instructions for these wallet connector frameworks, see how to integrate Wagmi apps, how to integrate RainbowKit apps and how to integrate Web3-React apps.

User Onboarding

How do I enable the Web2-like social provider login experience in a Web3 app to onboard users?

First, register the app with the Arcana Network. Next, configure one or more authentication providers for onboarding app users by configuring the Social Auth settings using the Arcana Developer Dashboard. Then integrate the app with the Arcana Auth SDK and add code to onboard users. For example, see how to onboard users via Google.

How do I enable passwordless login in an app to onboard new users?

You can enable passwordless login to onboard app users by first registering the app with Arcana Network, then integrating it with the Arcana Auth SDK and then simply calling the loginWithLink function in the app code to onboard users. For details, see how to enable passwordless login.

Last update: May 25, 2023 by shaloo, shalz