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White-labeled SDK

The white-labeled feature of the Arcana Auth SDK allows Web3 app developers to disable the built-in, embedded Arcana wallet and plug in a custom wallet UI instead for the app users.

To use a custom wallet UI, the developers must enable the white-labeled auth feature via the Arcana Developer Dashboard at the time of registering the application. Once an app is registered so, it cannot be reconfigured to use the built-in Arcana wallet.

Developers using the custom wallet UI have the onus to create wallet UI and also build the logic for displaying the notification screens to seek the user's approval before issuing a blockchain transaction via the custom wallet UI. In this configuration, there is no Arcana wallet UI or notification screen displayed via the Arcana Auth SDK.

Global Keys Not supported

For security reasons, apps that choose to use a custom wallet UI by using the white-labeled auth can only use app-specific keys. There is no option to change the 'Keyspace type' if a custom wallet UI option is selected.

Last update: June 13, 2023 by shalz