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Gasless Transactions

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Arcana Auth SDK offers built-in gasless transaction feature for Arcana wallet. This feature works only for a subset of supported chains.

Developers must configure the following gasless settings via the Arcana Developer Dashboard and then integrate the app with the Arcana Auth SDK to enable gasless transactions in the Arcana wallet.

  • Set up gas tanks on one or more chains supported by the app
  • Deposit funds in the gas tank to pay for the gas fees
  • Whitelist app operations
  • Enable gas tanks

Zero Gas Fee

Developers can sponsor gas fees for blockchain transactions. But the users need to ensure that they have sufficient funds in their wallets for the blockchain transaction itself.

Users pay zero gas fees for all whitelisted app operations as long as the gas tanks are enabled on the blockchain network and there are sufficient funds in the gas tank to sponsor user's gas fees.

Setup: Gasless Transactions

Gasless Quick Start Guide

Last update: April 11, 2024 by shaloo