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Application Usage Metrics

Arcana Developer Dashboard displays the aggregate value of Monthly Active Users (MAU) for the Arcana Mainnet. The aggregate value includes MAU for all the applications that are registered against a developer's Arcana account.

The aggregate usage metrics are displayed in the Manage Apps Screen. The per-application metrics are displayed on the Application Dashboard screen.

  • Manage Apps Screen:
  • Aggregate Monthly Active Users (Mainnet)
  • Number of free MAU (Mainnet)
  • Number of paid MAU (Mainnet)

Manage App Usage Metrics

  • Application Dashboard:
  • Testnet: Daily MAU, Monthly MAU
  • Mainnet: Daily MAU, Monthly MAU

Per App Usage Metrics

Mainnet Usage

The number of logged-in users is tracked separately for the 'Testnet' and 'Mainnet' application profiles. Arcana Testnet usage is not billed.

Last update: April 25, 2023 by shaloo