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Arcana Auth SDK

The Arcana Auth SDK integrates with Web3 apps and allows them to quickly onboard users. It offers an embedded, non-custodial Web3 wallet that enables authenticated users to sign blockchain transactions on any supported blockchain network.

Developers must first use the Arcana Developer Dashboard and register, configure apps. Each registered app is assigned a unique Client ID. This is used for integrating the app with the Arcana Auth SDK.

Arcana Auth SDK Diagram Arcana Auth SDK Diagram Dark

Key Features

User Authentication

  • Developers can configure user onboarding options and allow users to log in easily with a familiar Web2-like login experience via authentication providers and passwordless login
  • Users can easily onboard Web3 apps without having to manage keys and secrets
  • Developers have a choice to enable plug-and-play authentication in the application with a single line of code or build customized UI that calls social and passwordless login functions of the Arcana Auth SDK

Web3 Wallet Operations

  • Developers can configure and manage blockchain transaction signing experience for users by using Arcana wallet visibility modes
  • Authenticated users can securely sign blockchain transactions on any supported blockchain network
  • Supports Web3 wallet operations and the standard Ethereum JSON-RPC calls

    • configure and switch networks and accounts
    • sign blockchain transactions
    • send and receive tokens, NFTs
    • manage NFTs and preview NFT details using the wallet

Arcana Auth SDK Flavors

The Arcana Auth SDK comes in multiple flavors to support different Web3 app types. For some app types, developers may need to install and integrate the app with the auth package in addition to the app-specific package listed below.

SDK Name Web3 Application Type Package Name
Auth SDK Basic SDK for Vanilla HTML/CSS/JS Apps, Vue Apps auth
Auth React SDK React Apps auth-react
Auth Wagmi SDK Apps using wallet connectors such as Wagmi, RainbowKit auth-wagmi
Auth Web3-React SDK Apps using Web3-React wallet connector auth-web3-react
Auth Flutter SDK Mobile apps built using Flutter arcana_auth_flutter
Auth React Native SDK Mobile apps built using React Native auth-react-native
Auth Unity SDK Gaming apps built using Unity Coming soon!
Auth MetaEngine SDK Gaming apps built using MetaEngine Coming soon!
Auth-Core SDK Whitelabeled Auth SDK for custom wallet UI Coming soon!

Last update: September 12, 2023 by shaloo, shalz