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Auth SDK

The Arcana Auth SDK integrates with Web3 applications and allows them to quickly onboard users. It offers an embedded, non-custodial Web3 wallet that enables authenticated users to sign blockchain transactions on any EVM-compatible network.

Developers must first use the Arcana Developer Dashboard and register, configure their application. Each registered application is assigned a unique Client ID. This is used for integrating the app with the Auth SDK.

Auth SDK Diagram Auth SDK Diagram Dark

Key Features

User Authentication

  • Developers can configure user onboarding options and allow users to log in easily with a familiar Web2 experience of social authentication and passwordless login
  • Users can easily onboard Web3 dApps without having to manage keys and secrets
  • Developers have a choice to enable plug-and-play authentication in the application with a single line of code or build customized UI that calls social and passwordless login functions of the Auth SDK

Web3 Wallet

  • Developers can configure and manage blockchain transaction signing experience for users by using Arcana wallet visibility modes
  • Authenticated users can securely sign blockchain transactions for EVM-compatible networks
  • Supports Web3 wallet operations and the standard Ethereum JSON-RPC calls

    • configure and switch networks and accounts
    • sign blockchain transactions
    • send and receive tokens, NFTs
    • manage NFTs and preview NFT details using the wallet

Last update: February 21, 2023 by shaloo, shalz