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Switching Networks

Arcana Auth SDK provides user authentication and blockchain signing functionality via the embedded, non-custodial Web3 wallet - the Arcana wallet.

Web3 apps integrating with the Arcana Auth SDK can easily enable the Arcana wallet in the context of the application and allow authenticated users to use the wallet for adding, configuring any supported blockchain networks, or switching networks.

There are two ways in which the network that is displayed in the wallet UI can be switched. An authenticated user can switch to a different network via the wallet UI by selecting one from the drop down list. Application developers too can programmatically add and switch to a preferred network such that all authenticated app users will see this developer-configured network when they authenticate and access their respective wallets.

Network Switching Behavior

The alwaysVisible input parameter configured by the application developer at the time of instantiating the AuthProvider, controls the wallet user experience with switching networks.

Network Switching: alwaysVisible=true

By default, alwaysVisible=true. If the app developer uses this default setting then the wallet UI shows up right after a user authenticates. The wallet can be minimized by clicking on the 'x' icon in the top right of the wallet screen but the wallet is always visible in the app's context. To switch the network displayed in the wallet UI, a user can simply click on the drop-down list and select an entry from the list to change the network. The app developer can programmatically use wallet_addEthereumChain and wallet_switchEthereumChain methods to add and switch to a supported blockchain network preferred by the app. When a network addition or switching is initiated by the app developer, it requires the user's approval before the network switch takes effect.

Network Switching:alwaysVisible=false

If the developer has opted for alwaysVisible=false while integrating the app with the Auth SDK, then the wallet UI does not show up automatically after a user logs in. It is displayed only if a blockchain transaction is triggered that requires user's approval. Once the user approves the transaction, the wallet UI disappears. There is no way for an authenticated user to add, configure or switch network using the wallet UI. Only the developer can programmatically add and switch network by using the wallet_addEthereumChain and wallet_switchEthereumChain methods. When a network addition or switching is initiated by the app developer, it requires the user's approval before the network switch takes effect.

Custom Network Added by Users

Only the list of networks configured by the developer programmatically is persisted across the user login sessions. Any additional blockchain network configurations added by the application users are only stored locally. Users have to add those custom network configuration settings every time they log in.

Last update: March 14, 2023 by shaloo