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Welcome to Arcana Auth!

Our mission is to make Web3 apps user onboarding a breeze and enable authenticated users to easily sign blockchain transactions!!!

Use Arcana Auth to onboard users via Web2 social providers and enable the embedded, non-custodial Arcana wallet in Web3 apps. Designed for developers and Web3 users, it is easy to integrate and provides a simple, secure, and customizable user experience for signing blockchain transactions. It is powered by cutting-edge cryptographic algorithms and a built-in decentralized key generation that ensures no single entity owns or manages the user's keys.

Already using Arcana Auth?

Auth SDK v1.0.2 -> v1.0.3: Simply upgrade your installation to the latest Auth SDK v1.0.3 and you are good to go!

Auth SDK v0.2.2, v0.3.0 -> v1.0.3: Note that there may be breaking changes that require you to reconfigure your app and also update the integration code. For more information, see Migration Guides and Release Notes.

Arcana Auth consists of two components:

  • Arcana Auth SDK
  • Arcana Developer Dashboard

Arcana Auth SDK

Arcana Auth SDK is a client-side library that can be integrated with any Web3 apps, be it a vanilla JS app, apps built using various application frameworks such as React, NextJS, Remix, Vue, apps that use wallet connector frameworks such as Wagmi and RainbowKit, or the apps using federated identity managers such as AWS Cognito.

Once integrated, apps can easily onboard users and allow authenticated users to instantly access the embedded, non-custodial Arcana wallet for signing blockchain transactions. Learn more...

Arcana Developer Dashboard

Developers must first configure the Arcana Auth SDK usage as per the Web3 app requirements by using the Arcana Developer Dashboard. Once an app is registered and configured, developers can install the Arcana Auth SDK and integrate the app. Learn more...


1. Register & Configure App

Use Arcana Developer Dashboard to register the app, configure the user onboarding settings, and specify the wallet user experience settings. Save the unique app identifier called the Client ID assigned to the registered app. This will be required when the app is integrated with the Arcana Auth SDK.

2. Install & Integrate App

Install the auth package and integrate the app. For vanilla HTML/CSS/JS apps, create the AuthProvider by specifying the unique Client ID assigned to the app. Initialize the AuthProvider before calling its functions for onboarding users and Web3 wallet operations. Developers can use the AuthProvider to obtain the standard Ethereum provider and use it for blockchain transactions.

In the case of React/NextJS apps, an additional step is required besides installing and integrating with the auth package. Install the auth-react package and create the ProvideAuth react component.

For apps using the Wagmi or RainbowKit connectors, simply install the auth-wagmi package and create the ArcanaConnector instance by specifying the Client ID. When using the auth-wagmi package, it is not required to install the auth package.

See the how to guides and tutorials for details.

Get Started

Key Features

Onboard Users

  • Fast user onboarding for Web3 applications.
  • Add user authentication with just a few lines of code.
  • Configure user onboarding options and allow users to authenticate via popular Web2 social providers, federated identity providers or go passwordless.

Web3 Wallet Transactions

  • Authenticated users can access the Arcana wallet and sign blockchain transactions.
  • Developers can customize the Arcana wallet and manage user experience for the supported blockchain networks.
  • Users can perform Web3 wallet operations, such as sending and receiving tokens and NFTs, managing NFT collections, deploying contracts, and interacting with them.


  • Authenticated Web3 application users now have an easy yet secure way to sign blockchain transactions.
  • Powered by asynchronous distributed key generation protocol and Shamir's Secret Sharing for security and privacy.

Easy to Use

  • Easily integrate with Web3 vanilla JS, React, NextJS, Vue, Wagmi and RainbowKit apps.
  • Offers an embedded, non-custodial wallet that works within the Web3 apps context.
  • Users do not need to set up any browser extensions to use the Arcana wallet.
  • Users do not need to remember any seed phrases or manage keys to sign blockchain transactions.

Last update: March 19, 2023 by shaloo