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Web3 Auth Use Cases

The following Web3 application requirements can be easily met with Arcana Auth SDK:

  • Onboard users with minimal coding effort and support popular Web2 social logins or enable passwordless login via plug-and-play authentication.

  • Choose which providers / login options are visible to the user at the time of logging in to the Web3 application.

  • Easily onboard users and also customize user authentication UX experience as per application needs.

  • Enable authenticated users to sign blockchain transactions without having to learn the Web3 nuances or expose them to tedious key management hoops. At the same time, provide a secure wallet that is fast to plug in and easy to use.

  • Control Arcana wallet visibility by choosing whether it should be always visible in the context of a Web3 application or whether it shows up only when a blockchain transaction is triggered.

  • Allows Web3 application developers to customize the Arcana wallet theme.

  • Simple wallet onboarding for users with no need for installing browser extensions.

  • Enable typical wallet functions in the application for authenticated users:

    • Sign blockchain transactions
    • Send/Receive native, custom tokens
    • Send/Receive NFTs
    • Browse NFTs, view NFT details
    • Add EVM-compatible networks
    • Switch networks
    • Monitor transaction activity
    • JSON-RPC method support

In the future, Arcana Auth SDK will also address use cases related to the following:

  • Providing gasless applications
  • Integration with crypto on-ramp providers
  • Billing and tracking blockchain transaction usage per application
  • Multi-factor authentication

Last update: January 7, 2023 by shaloo