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State of the Arcana Auth

Latest Release

Mode of Operation

Arcana Network protocol is built and operates using Proof of Stake Polygon chain.

Network Nodes

Network Metrics Beta Mainnet
# Protocol Nodes 7 21
# Distributed Key Generator Nodes 3 7 (4 operated by Arcana, 3 by trusted partners)

Infrastructure Providers

AWS light AWS Dark

Mainnet Roadmap

We are actively working towards the Arcana Mainnet release, early January 2023.

DKG Validator Nodes

The DKG subsystem in the Arcana Network protocol is decentralized. At the launch of Mainnet, there will be seven DKG validator nodes in all. Five of these are owned by Arcana and the remaining two validator node are own and managed by trusted partners:

We are actively working with other partners for making the Arcana DKG subsystem truly decentralized.


We have come a long way since our alpha release that offered a distributed DKG. Several shortcomings regarding trusted dealer, robustness have been resolved in the state-of-the-art asynchronous distributed key generation protocol built into the Arcana Network. We have collaborated with some of the leading cryptography experts and researchers to fold recent advances in 'Asynchronous DKG' technology into the Arcana Network platform. Refer to the Arcana Technical Whitepaper for more details on ADKG.



All data stored in Arcana Store is encrypted via secure keys. The encrypted data is accessible only to the data owner. Arcana Network platform components do not store any keys that belong to the dApp user. Data is decrypted only at the client end after user verification.

Key Access

Arcana combines several algorithms to have a highly secure and robust ADKG subsystem. It uses asynchronous verifiable secret sharing and proactive crypto systems distributed Key storage scheme by Cachin et al. (2002) and robust asynchronous DPSS to ensure that no single node in the system has access to the user's keys and the system can handle malicious nodes. We are also working on key repair, refresh, multi-factor-authentication (MFA) and multi-party computation (MPC) for even stronger security without compromising on ease of use for Web3 users.


At Arcana, we take security and privacy of applications seriously and believe in transparency. To eliminate security vulnerabilities in Arcana Smart Contracts and the Arcana's ADKG module, we put it under the rigorous vetting process and cybersecurity tests conducted by Certik. The audit is complete and you can refer to the reports for details.

Supported Browsers

Arcana Auth SDK can be integrated with any applications that work on one of the supported browsers:

  • Chrome 103 or higher
  • Brave v1.41 or higher
  • Safari 15.6 or higher

Dashboard Login Options

The dApp developers can log into the Arcana Developer Dashboard via one of these supported social authentication mechanisms or passwordless login:

  • Google
  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • GitHub

Auth SDK

User Onboarding Options

The Arcana Auth SDK allows dApps to integrate and onboard users via one or more of the supported user authentication mechanisms:

  • Discord
  • GitHub
  • Google
  • Twitch
  • Twitter


Besides social authentication, a passwordless login option is also available to onboard dApp users.

Arcana Wallet

Supported Blockchains

Arcana wallet is an embedded Web3 wallet offered by the Auth SDK that shows up in the context of the application. Authenticated users can use the wallet to sign blockchain transactions for the following EVM-compatible blockchains:

  • Arcana_Dev
  • Arcana_Testnet
  • Ethereum_Goerli
  • Ethereum_Mainnet
  • Ethereum_Sepolia
  • Polygon_Mainnet
  • Polygon_Mumbai_Testnet

For more details, see Supported Chains.

Last update: January 30, 2023 by shaloo