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State of the Arcana Auth

Latest Release v1.0.8

  • Download the Arcana Auth SDK npm packages required as per the Web3 application type:

    • Web3/Desktop Apps
    • All app types: auth
    • Add on package for simple React apps: auth-react
    • Add on package for Wagmi/RainbowKit apps: auth-wagmi
    • Add on package for Web3-React apps: auth-web3-react
    • Mobile Apps
    • Flutter apps: Arcana Auth Flutter SDK [arcana_auth_flutter]
    • React-Native apps: Arcana Auth React-Native SDK [auth-react-native]
    • Gaming Apps
    • Unity apps: Arcana Auth Gaming SDK [ArcanaSDK Unity Assets]
  • Use the Arcana Developer Dashboard to register and configure Auth usage:

What's New?

See Arcana Auth Release Notes for details.

Mode of Operation

The Arcana Auth protocol is built and operates using the Proof of Stake Polygon chain.

Network Nodes

Network Metrics Beta Mainnet
# Protocol Nodes 7 21
# Distributed Key Generator Nodes 3 7 (4 operated by Arcana, 3 by trusted partners)

Infrastructure Providers

AWS light AWS Dark

Mainnet Roadmap

The Arcana Auth Mainnet was released in January 2023 with the Arcana Auth SDK release v1.0.0.

The current Arcana Auth SDK release is v1.0.8.

We are actively working towards adding newer features and capabilities. For details, check out the coming soon section.

DKG Validator Nodes

The DKG subsystem in the Arcana Auth protocol is envisioned as a truly decentralized subsystem.

At the launch of Mainnet, there are seven DKG validator nodes, five of these are owned by Arcana and the remaining two validator nodes are owned and managed by trusted partners:

We are actively working with other partners for making sure that the Arcana DKG subsystem is truly decentralized.


We have come a long way since our alpha release that offered a distributed DKG. Several shortcomings regarding trusted dealer, robustness have been resolved in the state-of-the-art asynchronous distributed key generation protocol built into the Arcana Auth. We have collaborated with some of the leading cryptography experts and researchers to fold recent advances in asynchronous DKG technology in Arcana Auth. Refer to the Arcana Technical Whitepaper for more details on ADKG.


Key Share Assembly

Arcana does not store any key shares that belong to the app user. The key shares are created by ADKG subsystem and assigned to the authenticated user. Key shares are used to generate the user's private key only in the context of the Web3 app, at the client end, after user verification. Enhanced wallet security (MFA feature) further secures the key generation process even if the user changes the device used to log in to the Web3 app that is integrated with Arcana Auth product.

Key Share Generation

Arcana Auth combines several algorithms to have a highly secure and robust ADKG subsystem. It uses a robust asynchronous DPSS mechanism to ensure that no single node in the system has access to the user's keys and that the system can handle malicious nodes. We are also working on other enhancements to this ADKG subsystem to enable key share repair, key share refresh, and more. Besides these other enhancements include Arcana Auth multi-factor authentication (MFA), and multi-party computation (MPC) for even stronger security without compromising on ease of use for Web3 users.


At Arcana, we take the security and privacy of applications seriously and believe in transparency. To eliminate security vulnerabilities in Arcana Smart Contracts and Arcana's ADKG module, we put it under the rigorous vetting process and cybersecurity tests conducted by Certik. The audit is complete and you can refer to the reports for details.

Supported Browsers

Arcana Auth SDK can be integrated with any Web3 Desktop application that works with the following browsers:

  • Chrome 103 or higher
  • Brave v1.41 or higher
  • Safari 15.6 or higher

Arcana Auth SDK

User Onboarding Options

The Arcana Auth SDK allows Web3 apps to integrate and onboard users via one or more of the supported user authentication mechanisms:

Social Providers

  • Discord
  • GitHub
  • Google
  • Steam
  • Twitch
  • Twitter

Custom IAM Providers

  • Cognito
  • Firebase

Coming soon!

We are working on supporting additional authentication providers in the upcoming Arcana Auth SDK releases:

  • Telegram
  • LINE
  • Wechat
  • Kakaotalk


Besides social authentication, a passwordless login option is also available to onboard app users.

Arcana wallet

Supported Blockchains

Arcana Auth product supports all EVM-compatible blockchain networks.

By default, it enables a pre-configured list of chains. App developers can add additional EVM-compatible chains specific to their app and update this pre-configured list. Once the user authenticates for the app, only the chains in the pre-configured list are displayed in the Arcana wallet UI dropdown. Users can add other EVM-compatible blockchain networks through the wallet UI and switch networks.

Pre-configured Arcana wallet chains (default)

  • Arbitrum
  • Avalanche
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Caduceus
  • Ethereum
  • IoTeX
  • Optimism
  • Polygon
  • Shardeum Sphinx 1.x

Supported Blockchains Image

Updating default pre-configured list

To include a new EVM-compatible chain in Arcana Auth's default pre-configured list, Arcana collaborates strategically with the chain's team/community. While we can add any such chain, our approach aims to increase the Arcana Auth adoption and maximize our reach and engagement within the chain's development community.

Non-EVM chain support (Coming soon!)

We are working on supporting other chains that are not EVM-compatible in the upcoming releases. For e.g., Cosmos, Solana, Near, TON, and Algorand.

Arcana Developer Dashboard

Login Options

The Web3 app developers can log into the Arcana Developer Dashboard via one of these social providers or use passwordless login:

  • Google
  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • GitHub

Supported Browsers

The Arcana Developer Dashboard can be accessed using one of the supported browsers:

  • Chrome 103 or higher
  • Brave v1.41 or higher
  • Safari 15.6 or higher

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