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Quick Start

To get started with Arcana you will first need to head over to and configure your app. Once you have configured the app you will get an app ID which you can then use to initialise the Arcana SDKs and subsequently integrate into your apps.

First, login to the dashboard using any of the supported OAuth methods. Quick Start 1

As soon as you have signed up you will be taken through the configuration steps to set up your app. Please note that this is our Alpha release therefore do not use important data without back ups. Quick Start 2

First, enter your app name (this is a mandatory field). Quick Start 3

After that choose the region where you want to store your data. At the moment the "Anywhere" is selected by default and cannot be changed. As we onboard more storage node providers and expand into different regions you will be able to choose where you want your data to reside. Quick Start 4

Next, choose which blockchain your application will be built on if it is using one. Quick Start 5

After that choose the login type for your application. Users can bring in their own key pairs or be assigned a new pair upon registration through our Distributed Key Generation system. Quick Start 6

Each login type has its own set of parameters. For example, Google requires a client ID in order to give the required permissions to your app. Once you choose a login type it will show the required parameters for that login (e.g. client ID) and a link to how you can get them.
Quick Start 7

Finally, select the user level limits for storage and bandwidth for your application (default is unlimited at the moment). Quick Start 8

In case you want to choose a specific value it would look like this. Quick Start 9

Once you have configured you application you will be taken to the dashboard which shows you an overview of the utilisation across the app. You can view the total no of users registered on your app and the number of files they have uploaded. Apart from that you can get a broad overview of how much storage and bandwidth has been used at the app level along with how it has changed over time. Quick Start 10

The Users page shows the user level usage (storage, bandwidth, action count) for each user. Quick Start 11

Clicking on a particular user will pop up a window which shows the transaction history for that wallet address. Quick Start 12

Finally, the profile page will show your personal and organisation level details which can be edited at any point in time. Quick Start 13

If at any point you want to reconfigure the app head over to the configure page from the dashboard. Here, you can also change the blockchain from Testnet to Mainnet (once available) or even delete the existing app. Quick Start 14

Once your app is configured, copy the app ID and configure the SDKs as mentioned in the Initialise sections for the Arcana Storage, Arcana Auth.