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Auth SDK v1.0.1 -> v1.0.2 Migration

This guide is meant for developers who have already integrated apps with an older version of the Arcana Auth SDK and run them using Arcana Network Testnet. If you are new to Arcana Network, please visit Quick Start Guide to get started.

When you migrate from using the Arcana Auth SDK v1.0.1 to the latest v1.0.2 release, there is no major update besides minor bug fixes and wallet UI updates.

What has Changed?

The following section lists changes between v1.0.1 and v1.0.2.

Developer Dashboard

App Address is now referred to as Client ID in the dashboard. The format of the unique identifier associated with all registered apps has changed.

Auth SDK

Auth SDK icon Auth SDK icon

  • Arcana wallet now supports fiat/on-ramp feature that allows users to buy crypto currency and tokens.
  • The wallet UI has a new minimized widget.
  • There was a bug that allowed users to log into a different app using the same tab where they had logged in without having to explicitly log in to a different app in the same tab. This is now fixed. For details, see release notes.

How to Migrate to v1.0.2?

Simply upgrade the Auth SDK to the latest v1.0.2. No other change is required. You do not need to re-register your apps via the dashboard. Developers can continue to use old App Address obtained for using v1.0.0/v1.0.1 with the latest Auth SDK. However, if you re-register your app and get a new Client ID, you cannot use older versions of the SDK and are required to migrate to the latest Auth SDK v1.0.2 or higher.

Client ID

Earlier, the documentation may have referred to the unique Arcana identifier assigned to each app after registration as App Address. In the latest release, we refer to it as Client ID.

What's New?

New iconNew icon

See Auth SDK v1.0.2 release notes and State of the Arcana Auth.

Last update: March 9, 2023 by shaloo, shalz