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Auth SDK v0.3.0 Migration Guide

When you migrate from an older version of the Arcana Auth SDK to v0.3.0, you will not experience any breaking changes in your Web3 application. However, some changes have been made to the wallet screens and the way transaction information is organized, which may be an improvement over the previous version.

What has Changed?

  • This release does not contain Arcana Storage SDK.

  • Arcana Blockchain is no longer listed in the list of available blockchain networks in the Arcana wallet dropdown.

  • You can use the Auth SDK for user onboarding and signing blockchain transactions on any supported EVM-compatible chain.

  • All blockchain transaction activity is no longer available as a tab in the main Arcana wallet main screen. Refer to the newly added combined notification screen in the Arcana wallet.

Developer Dashboard

  • There were some breaking changes in the registered application database schema. If you were already using older version of the Auth SDK, you need to re-register and configure your application again. Your application App Address will change as a result of re-registration. Make sure you use the new App Address while integrating with the Auth SDK.

Auth SDK

Auth SDK icon Auth SDK icon

  • There is no usage change in the Auth SDK in this release.
  • After re-registering your app, the dashboard will assign a new App Address. You need to use this during integration with the Auth SDK.

What's New?

New iconNew icon

The new improved Auth SDK now supports NFT preview, transactions and management of NFT collections. A new combined notification screen displays blockchain transactions related to smart contracts, tokens as well as NFTs. For details, see Auth SDK release notes.

Last update: February 1, 2023 by shaloo