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Arcana Keystore


Base Library to make calls to Arcana DKG network.

The network assumes that n/4n/4 of nodes may be malicious, and n/2+1n/2 + 1 of the nodes are required for key reconstruction. With these assumption, all fetch share calls are checked for consistency while enabling early exit on best case scenario where first n/2+1n/2 + 1 responses are from honest nodes.


Using npm/yarn#

npm install -S @arcana/keystore
yarn add @arcana/keystore
import { KeyReconstructor } from '@arcana/keystore';
const { KeyReconstructor } = window.arcana.keystore;



const appID = "0x..." // Get this from arcana dashboard
const keystore = new KeyReconstructor({ appID, network: 'testnet' })


const verifier = "google" // twitter, github, twitch, discord, reddit
const id = "" // See examples how to get user id for each verifier
const idToken = "..."
const publicKey = keystore.getPublicKey({ verifier, id });
const privateKey = keystore.getPrivateKey({ verifier, id, idToken })