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Arcana SDKs bring higher conversion for Web3 app developers through social login and gasless transactions.

Using advanced cryptography and asynchronous distributed key generation, the Arcana Auth SDK provides user identity control with privacy, eliminating key management complexities. Integration is effortless, customization is a breeze, and it supports diverse Web3 app types.

Gasless transaction is a built-in feature on the Arcana Auth SDK that allows users to pay no gas transaction fees when signing blockchain transactions via the Arcana wallet. Developers need to simply configure gasless usage via the Arcana Developer Dashboard to allow gasless transactions for authenticated app users.

Already using Arcana Auth SDK?

Use the latest release: v1.0.9.

To upgrade Arcana Auth SDK v1.0.8 -> v1.0.9, see the Migration Guide. For versions older than Arcana Auth SDK v1.0.8, be aware of potential breaking changes that may require app reconfiguration and code updates. Check the Migration Guides and Release Notes for specifics.

The Arcana Gasless (Standalone) SDK enables gasless transactions in third-party browser-based wallets. It is meant for Web3 apps that do not wish to use the social login feature but only the gasless feature. Before integrating with the Arcana Gasless (Standalone) SDK developers must configure gasless usage, set up gas tanks, and whitelist operations using the Arcana Developer Dashboard.

Already using Arcana Gasless (Standalone) SDK?

Use the latest release: v0.0.25.

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