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Arcana wallet UI: Use Shardeum Network

This guide is meant for the Arcana wallet users. It provides instructions on how to use the Shardeum Network to the Arcana wallet UI for signing blockchain transactions via the Shardeum Network.

Using Pre-configured Shardeum Network

By default, Shardeum Sphinx is one of the blockchain networks that comes pre-configured for the Arcana Auth product. Developers can set it as the default network using the Arcana Developer Dashboard at the time of registering and configuring the Web3 app. By doing this, the developers can ensure that the authenticated users can automatically access the Shardeum network in the Arcana wallet UI. In this case, there is no need for the user to add, configure and set up Shardeum Network. However, if the developer has not set Shardeum as the default network, users can always configure it using the wallet UI later.

Step 1: Log in to the App

To perform any blockchain operation using the Shardeum Network, and without having to set up a wallet beforehand, users must first log into the Web3 app integrated with the Arcana Auth SDK and authenticate themselves. After a successful log in, the Arcana wallet is displayed in the minimized state within the Web3 app's context. Click on it to display the wallet in its maximized state within the app's context. This will enable them to access various Web3 operations supported by the Arcana wallet UI.

Step 2: Select Shardeum Network

Refer to the top right network dropdown in the Arcana wallet UI. You will see a list of pre-configured networks for use. If the requisite Shardeum Network is displayed, simply click on it to select it and proceed with the Arcana wallet operations.

If the requisite Shardeum Network flavor is not listed, user can manually add it. After manual addition, the network will show up as the default selected network in the Arcana wallet UI. The only caveat is, manually added networks do not persist across user logins in the app. Only the ones which the app developer has configured will show up once the user logs in to the Web3 app integrated with the Arcana Auth SDK.

To manually add the Shardeum network via the wallet UI, refer to the instructions in the Arcana wallet User Guide for adding a network. Specify the latest Shardeum Network configuration details to manually add the network.

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Last update: June 20, 2023 by shaloo, shalz