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Manage Token Assets

In this guide, Web3 app users can learn how to manage token assets through the Arcana wallet UI.


  • To use the Arcana wallet, users must log in to a Web3 app that is integrated with the Arcana Auth SDK.

  • Depending on the type of blockchain signing experience set up by the app developer, the Arcana wallet may appear only when a blockchain transaction is triggered, or it may be visible at all times once the user logs in.

Token Operations

Arcana wallet supports the following Web3 token operations for both native as well as custom ERC-20 tokens:

  • Check the native token balance in the account
  • Add custom tokens
  • Send and receive native and custom tokens
  • Monitor token asset transaction activities

Check Balance

Click the 'Tokens' tab at the bottom left of the Arcana wallet UI. The account balance is displayed for the native tokens of the current active blockchain network. It also shows a list of custom token assets associated with the wallet account for the active blockchain network and their amounts.

Click Refresh to fetch the latest account balance. If you use the Arcana wallet UI to send native or custom tokens, the account balance gets automatically updated once the transfer is processed.

Add Custom Tokens

Click the 'Tokens' tab to view the list of tokens associated with the wallet account.

If you do not see your custom token already listed in the token asset list, click the icon to add your custom token.

Add the Token Contract Address in the pop-up UI.

Once you add the address, the Arcana wallet validates whether it is an ERC-20 standard custom token. After the contract is verified, the wallet automatically fetches the Token Symbol and the Token Decimal values as configured in the custom contract.

Click Save to add the custom token. The newly added custom token will show up under the account balance section on the wallet.

Select Native/Custom Token

Before sending tokens, users can specify whether they intend to transfer native or custom tokens. To select a custom token, it should already be added to the Arcana wallet.

Click the 'Tokens' tab to view native and custom tokens screen.

Use the drop-down list by clicking on the arrow next to the native token symbol and choose one of the custom tokens that are already added to the Arcana wallet.

Send Tokens

Click 'Tokens' tab in the wallet to view the tokens associated with the wallet account.

Click Send to initiate the send tokens workflow in the Arcana wallet by bringing up the following screen:

Choose the appropriate token that you wish to send from the dropdown list, enter the transfer amount, and gas fees, and click Proceed. A preview screen shows the details of the send transaction. Click Send to confirm or click Back if you wish to change any transaction details.

Receive Tokens

Click the 'Tokens' tab at the bottom left of the wallet to receive tokens from another wallet address. Click the QR icon on the top right of the wallet and copy the QR code or the wallet address. Share it with the sender for receiving tokens in your account.

Click Refresh to see the updated account balance after the sender transaction is complete.

Monitor Token Activity

Click the 'Activity' tab on the bottom right of the Arcana wallet to see wallet transaction activity and pending request notifications.

The wallet notification screen displays a list of various blockchain transactions initiated by the app or the user for the current user login session.

  • Send transactions for native or custom tokens
  • Contract Deployment transactions

To see details of a send transaction, click on the arrow to expand the view.


The app user must add the custom tokens manually to the Arcana wallet UI before the activity related to tokens can be viewed in the Activity tab.

That is all!

You are all set to send and receive tokens using the Arcana wallet.

What's Next?

You can use Arcana wallet UI to sign blockchain transactions, send and receive native, transact and view NFTs and more.

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