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Onboard Users

User onboarding requires developers to first register their applications and configure the authentication providers using the Arcana Developer Dashboard. Next, install and integrate the app with the Arcana Auth SDK.

After integrating, the Web3 apps can add code to onboard users via the supported authentication providers or the passwordless mechanism. The following user onboarding options are available:

  • Plug-and-play Login UI: The plug-and-play login UI displays all the authentication providers that the developer has configured earlier using the Arcana Developer Dashboard.

  • Custom Login UI: Developers can build a custom login UI for the app and call the Arcana SDK functions to enable user onboarding via the configured authentication providers or passwordless login option.

Note that the user onboarding process may vary depending on the application type as listed below:

Vanilla HTML/CSS/JS Apps

React Apps

Vue Apps

Auto-Reconnect Enhancement

Earlier, the Arcana Developer Dashboard SDK did not allow apps to use third-party cookies to facilitate easy user re-login. Now developers can use canReconnect and reconnect functions of the AuthProvider within a 30-min window of the user-logout action. This will allow users to automatically reconnect without re-authentication. See canReconnect and reconnect for details.

Last update: July 6, 2023 by shaloo, shalz