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Integrate Auth SDK

To integrate your application the Auth SDK, ensure the pre-requisites are met and then follow the instructions based on your application type.


Auth SDK v1.0.2 -> v1.0.3: Simply upgrade your installation to the latest Auth SDK v1.0.3 and you are good to go!

Auth SDK v0.2.2, v0.3.0 -> v1.0.3: Note that there may be breaking changes that require you to reconfigure your app and also update the integration code. For more information, see Migration Guides and Release Notes.


  1. Go to the Arcana Dashboard and register your application.
  2. Configure the Auth SDK usage settings based on the required user onboarding experience and the Arcana wallet usage for signing blockchain transactions. See how to configure auth section for details.

Select Integration Method

Depending upon whether your Web3 app is a vanilla HTML/CSS/JS app, a React app, or a React app that uses Wagmi, you may need to install one or more of the following Arcana Auth SDK packages - auth, auth-react and auth-wagmi.

  • If your application is built with vanilla HTML/CSS and JavaScript, you can directly install and integrate the app with the Arcana auth package.
  • If your application is built using the React framework, you need to install both the auth package and the auth-react package. Next, you must integrate the app with the Auth SDK AuthProvider and also use the React component, ProvideAuth.
  • If your application uses Wagmi or RainbowKit, you need to install and integrate the app only with the auth-wagmi wrapper package and create an ArcanaConnector to enable user onboarding and signing of blockchain transactions using the Arcana wallet.

For detailed step-by-step instructions, select one of the options below as per your application type.

Integrate Vanilla JS Apps

Integrate React/NextJS Apps

Integrate Vue dApp

Last update: March 16, 2023 by shaloo