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Integrate Auth SDK

To integrate your application the Auth SDK, ensure the pre-requisites are met and then follow the instructions based on your application type.


  1. Go to the Arcana Dashboard and register your application.
  2. Configure the Auth SDK for your user onboarding needs. See how to enable user onboarding guide.

Select Integration Method

  • If your application is built with vanilla JavaScript, you can directly integrate the Auth SDK.
  • If your application is built using React framework, you need to install the Auth SDK and the Auth React library and then integrate with the Auth React component, a wrapper around the Auth SDK.
  • If your application uses Wagmi or RainbowKit, you can use Auth Wagmi library and create an ArcanaConnector to enable user onboarding and signing of blockchain transactions using the Arcana wallet.

For detailed instructions, select the application type below:

Vanilla JS Apps

React/NextJS Apps

Vue dApp

Last update: January 11, 2023 by shaloo