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Integrate App

To integrate with the Arcana Auth SDK, Web3 app developers must first use the Arcana Developer Dashboard to register and configure the app with Arcana Network.

Next, select the app type and follow the instructions.


Arcana Auth SDK v1.0.7 -> v1.0.8: Follow the instructions in the Migration Guide and upgrade easily!

Arcana Auth SDK version < v1.0.7: Note that there may be breaking changes that require you to reconfigure your app and also update the integration code. For more information, see archives for Migration Guides and Release Notes.


  1. Go to the Arcana Developer Dashboard, register your application and save the Client ID assigned to the registered app. This will be required during integration.
  2. Configure the Arcana Auth SDK user onboarding settings via the Arcana Developer Dashboard . See how to configure authentication providers to onboard users.

Select and Install SDK(s)

Depending upon the type of the Web3 app, developers may need to install one or more of the Arcana Auth SDK packages before integrating the SDK with the app. Refer to this table and install the appropriate SDK packages.

Integrate App Type

After installing the SDK, follow the detailed step-by-step integration instructions, as per the app type:

Integrate Vanilla JS App

Integrate React/NextJS App

Integrate Vue App

Last update: July 10, 2023 by shaloo, shalz