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Configure Gasless Transactions

To enable gasless transactions in an app, before integrating the app with the Arcana Auth SDK, developers must configure gas tanks for supported blockchain networks.

Disabling Gasless

When you create a gas tank for a blockchain, it turns on the gasless feature. At the same time, the user account changes into a dual address gasless account, which links to both an Externally Owned Account (EOA) and a Smart Contract Wallet (SCW) address.

Developers cannot delete a gas tank once set up. But they can stop or deactivate gas tanks if needed. The gasless feature works only when gas tanks have funds and are active, but once the user account transforms into a gasless one, you can't undo it.


  • To use the Arcana Developer Dashboard, developers can sign in using one of the supported social providers or opt for passwordless sign-in.

    • Google
    • GitHub
    • Twitch
    • Discord
  • To deposit funds in a newly created gas tank, developer must use a browser based wallet such as MetaMask.


Login to the Arcana Developer Dashboard and follow these three steps:

Step 1. Provision Gas Tanks

Visit the 'Manage Apps' page of the Arcana Developer Dashboard. Choose the app for which you need to enable the gasless feature or create a new app entry if your app is not already registered and configured for using the Arcana Auth SDK.

Select the app card, click Configure dropdown and choose Gasless in the LHS navigation. Click Gas Tanks to add or edit the gas tanks. At the start, you will see zero gas tanks configured for the app.

Set up Gas Tanks

Choose Add Gas Tank on the right; provide a name for the gas tank and select a chain that will be serviced by this gas tank. Refer to the list of supported chains where gas tanks can be established.

Note that you can only set up one gas tank per blockchain network. Once configured, the newly added gas tank is displayed the Arcana Developer Dashboard.

Add Gas Tank

Step 2. Deposit/Withdraw Gas Tank Credits

To add crypto assets to a new gas tank, the developer needs to use a browser-based wallet like MetaMask and choose an account with sufficient funds. This account is referred to as the owner's account. Anyone, including the developer or third-party sponsors, can contribute credits to the gas tank. However, credits can only be withdrawn into the owner's account.

Browser-based wallet

Besides MetaMask any other browser-based wallet account can be used to deposit credits in a gas tank. Make sure the browser-based wallet sets the windows.ethereum variable.

Go to the dashboard page listing all the configured gas tanks. Click 'ellipsis' in the gas tank entry and choose Deposit from the dropdown menu list:

  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Manage Whitelist

Gas Tank Actions

Add the amount you want to deposit, and confirm the transaction. Once it's done, you'll see your Total Deposit go up by that amount in the gas tank.

Add Gas Tank

To withdraw funds, click 'ellipsis' and choose Withdraw from the menu list. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. After successful withdrawal, the Total Amount in the gas tank goes down by the withdrawal amount and the owner's wallet address will see the withdrawn amount added.

To take out money, click the 'ellipsis' and pick Withdraw from the menu. Enter the amount you want to withdraw. When it's done, the gas tank's Total Amount drops by what you withdrew, and the owner's wallet gets the money.

withdraw from Gas Tank

Step 3. Whitelist Gasless Operations

To whitelist one or more app functions, choose Manage Whitelist and specify the following:

  • Contract Address
  • Contract ABI

On the right-hand side, you'll find a list of functions. Use the radio buttons to select the ones that are eligible for gasless transactions. Only these functions will enable gasless operations when users perform blockchain transactions related to them.

withdraw from Gas Tank

Optional: Pause/Resume Gas Tank

Developers can choose to pause and resume gas tank operations in the app config settings. When paused, users pay gas fees for whitelisted app operations.

Use the Enable Smart Account toggle to pause and resume a configured gas tank.

Gas Tank Actions

That is all! ๐ŸŽ‰

You have successfully configured gasless operation for the application users.

What's next?

For more details, see FAQ - Gasless Transactions.

After configuring gasless, developers can refer to other app configuration settings in the Arcana Developer Dashboard and then integrate the app with the Arcana Auth SDK. If not already done, add code to onboard users and configure the embedded Arcana wallet usage and allow authenticated users to sign blockchain transactions.

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