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Federated Identity Providers


Apps using Federated Identity Providers

Apps integrating with the Arcana Auth SDK can choose multiple social providers for onboarding users. For example, to allow user onboarding via Google and Twitter, developers must set up both these providers in the Arcana Developer Dashboard. Some apps may choose to not use the Auth SDK for onboarding users via social providers but integrate with federated identity providers, such as AWS Cognito, for user authentication. But such apps may want to integrate with the Auth SDK to access the embedded Arcana wallet and allow authenticated users to sign blockchain transactions.

The federated identity providers such as AWS Cognito typically aggregate and directly support various authentication verifiers such as Google, Facebook, etc. Developers must use the respective provider's developer console, e.g., Cognito Developer Console to set up the user authentication verifiers, such as Google, directly and not through the Arcana Developer Dashboard.

To integrate with Web3 apps that use federated identity providers to onboard users instead of the Arcana Auth SDK, the developers need to only configure the federated identity provider via the Arcana Developer Dashboard before integrating with the Auth SDK. It is not required to configure the authentication verifiers used by the federated identity providers (e.g., Google) in the Arcana Developer Dashboard.

Last update: March 16, 2023 by shaloo