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Configure Wallet Visibility

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up Arcana Wallet and control the user's experience of signing blockchain transactions in a dApp.

When using a Web3 application, users usually need to confirm each blockchain action by clicking on the Arcana Wallet screen to approve or reject the transaction. The Arcana Auth SDK allows developers to customize the user experience of signing transactions through the embedded Arcana Wallet by selecting the appropriate wallet visibility mode. Developers can specify the Arcana Wallet visibility mode through the alwaysVisible parameter when integrating the application with the Auth SDK.


Integrate and Initialize Auth SDK

Follow instructions here to integrate Auth SDK in your dApp. During AuthProvider instantiation, make sure you set the alwaysVisible input parameter to one of the following values as per the required dApp user experience for signing blockchain transactions:

  • Widget, alwaysVisible = false
  • Full UI, alwaysVisible = true (default)

For more details on the choice of alwaysVisible at the time of initializing the Auth SDK affects the dApp user's blockchain transaction signing experience, refer to how Arcana wallet visibility mode works section of the documentation.


For details regarding alwaysVisible, see: Auth SDK Reference Guide

The sample code here shows how to enable Widget mode while initializing the Auth SDK:

const { AuthProvider } = window.arcana.auth // From CDN
import { AuthProvider, CHAIN } from '@arcana/auth' //From npm
const appAddress = '445007f942f9Ba718953094BbeeeeeB9484cAfd2' // App Address Example

const auth = new AuthProvider(`${appAddress}`, {
  position: 'left', // defaults to right
  theme: 'light', // defaults to dark
  alwaysVisible: false, // defaults to true which is Full UI mode
  chainConfig: {
    rpcUrl: '',
try {
  await auth.init()
} catch (e) {
  // Handle exception case

That's it!

You are all set with the Arcana wallet visibility mode configuration to manage the user blockchain signing experience.

What's Next?

Once you have configured the Auth SDK wallet visibility, you can allow authenticated users to access the Arcana wallet for signing blockchain transactions on any EVM-compatible network.

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Last update: January 7, 2023 by shaloo