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Enable Arcana wallet

Manage the user experience during signing of the blockchain transactions by:

  • Selecting the default, built-in, Arcana wallet UI or a custom wallet UI
  • Specifying the wallet visibility when creating a new AuthProvider instance

Dashboard: Built-in vs. Custom Wallet UI

By default, Web3 apps integrated with the Arcana Auth SDK can enable the authenticated users to instantly access the built-in, embedded Arcana wallet UI and perform various Web3 wallet operations such as adding/switching blockchain networks, checking their wallet balance, managing crypto assets, and more.

Developers can alternatively choose to not use the default Arcana wallet UI and use a custom wallet UI. This choice is made during the app registration through Wallet UI Mode setting and cannot be reverted.

AuthProvider Wallet Visibility

During app integration, when a new AuthProvider is instantiated, you can specify the wallet visibility parameter to manage the user experience for signing blockchain transactions. Also, you can access the standard Ethereum provider, AuthProvider, and add code to use various Web3 wallet operations programmatically in the context of the authenticated users.

Arcana wallet Developer Guides

Configure built-in Arcana wallet UI Visibility

Enabling Web3 Wallet Ops

Last update: November 10, 2023 by shaloo, shalz