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Distributed Key Generation (DKG) uses cryptographic techniques to allow multiple parties to collaborate in generating a shared public and private key set, without relying on any trusted third parties for key retrieval. This is a departure from traditional public key encryption systems.

In the early alpha release, the Arcana Auth protocol used Shamir's Secret Sharing (SSS) mechanism for generating distributed keys for authenticated Web3 app users. This enabled users to sign blockchain transactions using the embedded, non-custodial Arcana wallet. However, SSS algorithm has its limitations. In the early beta release, the Arcana Auth used the verifiable secret sharing (VSS) techniques and asynchronous distributed key generation (ADKG) to solve several of the limitations of the SSS mechanism.

Refer to the latest ADKG implementation in Arcana Network for details. You can also find the older DKG implementation (deprecated), notes here.

Keys Privacy

The Arcana Auth protocol ensures that the user's keys are generated only on the client side and are fully secure, private.

  • Once a user is authenticated, the required key shares are fetched by the client-side Arcana Auth SDK integrated with the Web3 app. These key shares are used to generate the user's private key locally within the app's authenticated user context.

  • User keys are not stored anywhere in the Arcana subsystems.

  • After authentication, the user key share assignment is instant. The DKG protocol buffers key shares for fast allocation. Note these are key shares, not keys.

flowchart LR


    subgraph Developer [Developer: Provision Auth Providers]
    direction LR
      DA0 -- Install SDK --> DG0[Integrate SDK with App]  --> DH0[Initialize AuthProvider]
      DA0 --> DB0([Dashboard])
      DB0 --> DC0[Register App] --> DE0[Client ID] 
      DC0 -- Configure App --> DD0[Enable Auth Providers]  
      DE0 -- Use Client ID --> DG0
      DH0 --Onboard Users --> DI0[Auth Providers]

classDef an-pink stroke:#ff4e9f,stroke-width:0.25rem;
class DA0,DI0 an-pink
flowchart LR

    A0(((App User))) 

    subgraph DKG [DKG Subsystem]
    direction TB
       N0(Arcana DKG Nodes)
       V0(Partner Validator DKG Nodes)
       N0 --- V0
      DKGB[DKG Buffer]

    DKGB ---  N0 & V0

    subgraph User [User: App Login]
    direction LR
      A0 -- Login --> B0((App + AuthSDK)) -- Authenticate User --> C0[Auth Providers] 
      B0 --> K0(Authenticated User Context) -- Fetch Key Shares --> DKGB --> K0
      K0 -- Assemble User Key --> E0[User's Private Key] -- Sign Transaction -->F[Approve/Reject Blockchain Txn]

classDef an-pink stroke:#ff4e9f,stroke-width:0.25rem;
class A0,E0,C0 an-pink

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