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Aggregate login

Aggregate Login refers to a feature in the Arcana Auth SDK that can uniquely identify application users even if they use different social accounts to log in. This feature works only if the user has the same email ID associated with multiple social accounts.

What this means is that if an application user logs into an application integrated with the Arcana Auth SDK say, using Google, Twitter, or Twitch where each of these accounts belonging to the same developer is linked with a single email ID, then all these multiple login accounts will be treated as a single user. If the social accounts use different email IDs then these accounts may belong to the same user but Arcana Auth will consider subsequent user login via a different onboarding option as a unique new Arcana developer account.

graph LR
  A[[User]] -.-> B(Social Provider A) -.-> E{Email ID Same?} ==Yes==> F>User ID 1];
  E{Email ID Same?} ==No==> G>New unique User ID];
  A[[User]] -.-> M(Social Provider B) -.-> E{Email ID Same?};
  A[[User]] -.-> C(Passwordless Login) -.-> E{Email ID Same?};

Aggregate login also works in the case of developers logging into the Arcana Developer Dashboard to register and configure their applications. If a developer uses multiple login options to log into the Arcana Developer Dashboard and the email ID is not the same across the selected authentication providers, then each login by the same developer is considered as a different unique developer account. In this case, any applications configured by the developer using say, provider A to log into the Arcana Developer Dashboard, will not be visible to the same developer when using provider B to log into the Arcana Developer Dashboard.

No Aggregate Login with Cognito

The aggregate login feature does not work for the custom IAM providers such as Cognito.

If a user has the same email ID registered with say a social provider and with Cognito, logging into an app using Cognito will create a new unique user account even if the user uses the same email as the one used with a social provider or via the passwordless option. What this means is that the wallet address for the same user will be different when Cognito is used to log in and subsequently a social provider or passwordless login is used by the same user having the same email ID.

Last update: May 31, 2023 by shaloo, shalz