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Deployed Contracts

The following table lists each Arcana contract, its type, category, and purpose.

Arcana Contract Type/Category Purpose
Arcana.sol [V1 or V2] Beacon Proxy/Core System Main logic contract for Arcana Store operations primarily associated with managing user data privacy and access control.
Factory.sol UUPS Proxy/Core System Smart contract generator per dApp that registers with Arcana Network
ArcanaBeacon.sol UUPS Proxy/Core System Smart contract to manage the per dApp association between the latest Arcana.sol main logic contract and the dApp
BeaconProxy.sol Beacon Proxy/dApp This is a per dApp smart contract that stores the data related to the program state. It interacts with ArcanaBeacon smart contract to refer to the latest Arcana core logic contract.
Forwarder.sol UUPS Proxy/Core System Manages meta transactions for dApp users. Forwards Gateway proxy calls (on behalf of dApp) to Arcana.sol main logic contract
NodeList.sol Core System Keeps track of ADKG nodes and their epochs.

Last update: February 6, 2023 by shaloo