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Arcana Contract Flows

The interactions between various Arcana smart contracts to implement the logic for the Arcana Auth protocol is captured by the following two workflows:

  1. Data access flow
  2. New app registration flow

Data Access Flow

Arcana Data Access Flow Arcana Data Access Flow

  • All app user operation-related calls made via the client-side Arcana Auth SDK are intercepted by the Arcana Gateway.

  • The Gateway executes meta transactions with relevant data and signatures.

  • Forwarder forwards the transaction via the per-app BeaconProxy.sol smart contract.

  • The BeaconProxy requests the current Arcana core system contract, Arcana.sol, from the ArcanaBeacon.sol contract.

  • After receiving the address of the latest Arcana core system contract from the ArcanaBeacon contract, the BeaconProxy delegates the forwarded call to the Arcana system contract.

  • {{ no such element: dict object['compay_name'] }} contract actually executes the transaction.

New App Registration Flow

New app Registration Flow New app Registration Flow

  • When a new app is registered at the Arcana Developer Dashboard, it interacts with the Arcana Gateway to initialize the program state of the app.
  • The Factory.sol smart contract is invoked to create a new BeaconProxy.sol contract that is solely associated with this newly registered app. Each app has its own BeaconProxy contract deployed.

  • The BeaconProxy.sol contract stores the per-app data related to the program state.

  • The BeaconProxy communicates with the ArcanaBeacon contract to obtain the address of the latest Arcana core system contract. This ensures that each app contract knows and utilizes the latest supported Arcana Auth protocol.

Last update: April 25, 2023 by shaloo