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Coming Soon!

  • Gaming

    Increase user conversion in Web3 gaming apps with the Arcana Auth Gaming SDK!

    Soon Web3 gaming apps can onboard users effortlessly through social, custom IAM providers, or passwordless login. Authenticated users can instantly access a fully functional, embedded, non-custodial Web3 wallet within the app context.

  • MFA Enhancements

    Boost security with customizable multi-factor authentication!

    Developers can soon enable/disable MFA for enhanced security. App users can choose to set up MFA through Q/A and PIN. These are used to restore access on a new device when a user switches devices.

  • Wallet Off-Ramp

    Support for off-ramping crypto!

    The Arcana wallet users can already use the on-ramp feature and load the wallet using fiat and supported cryptocurrencies. Soon, users will have the off-ramp feature that allows them to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat.

Last update: February 14, 2024 by shaloo, shalz