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Coming Soon!


Soon, Web3 app users will no longer require cryptocurrency to get started! Arcana Auth will enable a Web2-like user experience for Web3 app users with the 'gasless' feature. Developers can easily sponsor their user's gas payments through fiat thus simplifying the UX for their users.


Web3 Gaming apps can easily onboard users & assign them a fully functional web3 wallet using the Arcana Auth Gaming SDK! Arcana Auth Gaming SDK allows Web3 Gaming app developers to onboard users via social providers, custom IAM providers or passwordless login.

Whitelabelled Auth

Web3 apps can build a custom wallet UI and need not use the built-in wallet UI that comes with the Arcana Auth SDK. This enables developers to be in charge and control when the app throws up a UI popup and asks the user to approve or reject a blockchain transaction.

Non-EVM Chain Suppport

In addition to supporting EVM-compatible chains, soon Arcana Network will allow wallet users to sign blockchain transactions for chains that are not EVM-compatible.

Last update: September 20, 2023 by shaloo, shalz